HR On Hand

SEARCH HR will provide a fully professional HR Manager on a hands-on, on-site basis. We won’t just manage the status quo – we will make you best in class and take you forward.

Tell us where you want your business to be in five years time, allow us to get a good understanding of your organisation and we will work with you to develop and implement an HR strategy that will support this.

We can develop, implement and nurture a range of programmes and values, which will ensure that your business is seen as an employer of choice. We tailor our service and approach to fit perfectly with your company for a fixed monthly fee.

  • We will be your HR department – an extension of your own team, with face to face, hand on involvement delaing with issues as they arise and delivering solutions as befit the needs of your business.High level HR support available as required throughout the year.
  • You will be provided with a HR Manager who will work with you throughout the contract, with a pre-agreed time commitment to attend the workplace and work hours to your business.
  • Ensure that all your policies, procedures and employee interventions are in keeping with best practice and legal requirements.
  • Design and implement new or revised policies and procedures to comply with changing legislation.
  • Ensure you are fully briefed on any new legislation coming up enabling you to remain complaint with changes in the law.
  • We will develop and implement a HR Strategy for you.
  • Your HR manager will provide advice and guidance on structures.
  • Design and delivery of training to ensure a unified company vision and culture as well as ensuring employee aware of company rules and regulations.
  • We will develop a communications plans for your business.
  • Act as a neutral party to effectively deal with discrimination and harassment issues which can be complex, time consuming and extremely damaging to an organisation and employee relationships.

An outsourced arrangement with SEARCH HR will provide you with a full HR service for a period of 12 – 36 months for a fixed monthly fee.

The contract is designed to provide for time to focus on growing your business and taking the people agenda and the business forward rather than merely managing the status quo.