10 Questions

10 Questions for Job Satisfaction

you can never expect to keep all of your people happy all of the time and occasionally, you must accept that a percentage of your workforce will leave each and every year. Whilst you can never expect to keep every body happy all of the time, are you doing enough to minimise the ‘avoidable’ resignations.

In many situations, a persons dissatisfaction in their role is rarely voiced until the day they resign (at which point it is either too late, or the lure of more money simply ‘papers over the cracks’ for the real problem to remain and resurface again at a later stage.

Can you sense when an employee is unhappy or about to leave? A lot of managers I know can, but feel helpless to the situation.

These questions below will help determine how your employees feel about their jobs and their answers to these questions often determine whether or not they will stay on their jobs.

  1. What would be the one thing that, if it changed in your current role, would make you consider moving on?
  2. If you could make any changes about your job, what would they be?
  3. If you could go back to any previous position and stay for an extended period of time, which one would it be and why?
  4. If you suddenly became financially independent, what would you miss most about your job?
  5. In the morning, does your job make you jump out of bed or hit the snooze button?
  6. What makes for a great day?
  7. What can we do to make your job more satisfying?
  8. What can we do to support your career goals?
  9. Do you get enough recognition?
  10. What can we do to keep you with us?

Try this out over the next few months and see the results. Showing an interest in an employee’s concerns without any trigger or prompting

shows your genuine intentions in their happiness and ultimately will be rewarded in loyalty.